Why Kids?

At Kidzana, we believe children are precious, vital, and a key part of building God’s kingdom.

1. Children are on God’s heart – and always have been!

There are more than 1,700 references to children and childhood in the Bible. God’s love for children is not an afterthought – children have been on his heart from the beginning.

2. The world, and children, are at risk

Children suffer the most in the crises facing our world: poverty, famine, war, natural disasters and more. About 2/3 of our world’s children are considered “at risk.” There are at least:

  • 300 million child laborers
  • 140 million orphans
  • 25 million refugees
  • 500 million living in poverty

3. The world, and children, need Jesus 

Worldwide, children are largest group of unreached people on the planet. About 2 billion people live in areas where there is virtually no access to the gospel; in these “unreached people group” regions, 50-80% of the population are children. 

4. There is a battle for children and the Kingdom

While Christianity is growing by 80 million people each year, other religions (totaled) are growing by 130 million people per year. In addition, in the western world, at least 75% of the children growing up in our churches are leaving the Church as they reach college age. The future of the Church is at stake if we do not reach and disciple our children well.

5. The world and the Church desperately need disciples.

Conversion is not enough. We need disciples who follow Jesus in the spirit of the 12 disciples: willing to leave everything, take up their cross, and go tell the world about Jesus. Children are ready and available to be discipled and mentored, if we will take the job seriously.

6.    These times demand extraordinary stewardship

  • Children’s ministry offers an amazing return on investment
  • Children are incredibly trainable as disciples, with less unlearning and repair needed than adults
  • They are more reachable and responsive to the gospel than adults
  • They are the most effective evangelists, bringing friends and family to Christ
  • Children’s ministry can be much less expensive than ministry to adults

7.    When it comes to children, there is no Plan B

  • The Church is Christ’s presence on earth – we are God’s “Plan A.”
  • God has entrusted us with his children.  There is no one else who will love and disciple them. It is the task of believers.
  • The task is not to grow our children to be more like us, but to be more like Jesus and to bring honor to God.

What might God be asking you to do to reach the children of the world?



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