Reach Local Kids

Because there are so many children to be reached, we need everyone to do their part. What can you do to help reach local kids? Begin by asking the following questions:


What can you do IN your family or IN your church to reach and disciple children?

  • Do some of the children within your sphere of influence need prayer?
  • Do they need to hear the gospel shared in a personal, creative, and relevant way?
  • Do they need to be mentored or discipled?


What are the needs of children OUTSIDE the doors of your home or church (among your neighbors, extended family, or friends)?

  • Are there children who are in crisis and need your loving help?
  • Are there children who need to hear about Jesus and be invited to follow him?
  • Are there children who need a place to grow into their potential as people and also as followers of Christ?

Ready to get started?

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