Involve Your Kids

Reaching kids isn’t just for adults.

If kids can pray, serve, encourage, and give, they can join with the rest of the Body of Christ in the effort to help other children around the world come to know Christ.

1. Your kids can LEARN

Download mission worksheets on our Downloads Page

2. Your kids can PRAY

Order prayer cards: 31 ways to pray for children around the world. These free cards help kids begin praying for the needs of children all around the world, with a month’s worth of prayer items.

3. Your kids can GIVE

Involve your children in a missions giving project for kids, such as Operation 1+1.


Involve your kids with Operation 1+1 

A Missions Giving Project for Kids

Millions of kids around the world are waiting to hear about Jesus for the first time. Your kids can make a difference with Operation 1+1, a missions education and giving project for kids! Great for youth groups, VBS, Sunday Schools or Bible Clubs, mission conferences, etc.

It’s simple

Our FREE Promo DVD Kit gives you everything you need to start involving your kids in reaching children around the world.

It’s fun

Your kids will have a great time learning about the children in different regions, praying for them, and collecting change to help reach them for Christ.

How it works

1. Start by ordering your  Operation 1+1 DVD Promo Kit

2. If you’re ready to start the program with your kids, fill out an order form now (or download a hard copy of the form here.).

We’ll send the supplies out right away at no charge.

      • Director’s Guide on CD
      • Prayer Cards
      • Giving Boxes
      • Parent Flyers
      • Posters
      • And more!
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