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These are exciting days for reaching children around the world. How can you get involved?


Start reaching kids in your neighborhood today!

Start reaching kids today!

Reach local kidsYou and others in your community are the best people to reach and disciple children in your neighborhood for Christ. Let us know if you have questions or need training or resources.

Get equippedNot sure how to work with children? Or develop an effective outreach program? Or do ministry with a lasting result?

Get training & resources

Get connected with others with the Zip Code Challenge

– Involve your kids: Involve your kids in Operation 1+1, a missions education and giving project. Help them catch a heart for their neighbors and their world. Invite them to pray for friends, family, and community. Equip them to share their faith and the love of Christ with others.


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– ATTEND an upcoming vision event: Join us for a breakfast, lunch, or dessert to learn more about Kidzana’s ministry and consider how you can be involved. Visit our events calendar.

– VOLUNTEER: Volunteers are vital to Kidzana’s work around the world. Let us know if you have a skill, expertise, time, or talent to share with us!

– DONATE: Our work is dependent on the generosity and support of people in the body of Christ who love children and want to see our world reached for Christ.  Click here to support Kidzana’s work. 

 – ADVOCATE: Share the story of global children and Kidzana with others. Check back for a downloadable advocacy kit, coming soon. 

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