About Us

Our mission

To equip local people to reach and disciple local kids around the world for Christ.

Kidzana is a nonprofit 501(c)3 global children’s ministry training organization focused on equipping local people to nurture, reach, and disciple local children in their communities all around the world.

While Kidzana is a small organization, our lean training and administrative staff works behind the scenes with a massive network of partners and training leaders around the world to facilitate global and local training events and initiatives in dozens of nations.

We work in close collaboration with several global groups, including the Global Children’s Forum, 4/14 Window Global Initiaive, VIVA Network, 1 for 50 training collaboration, gcmEQUIP Conference, and more. reliable essay writer



Since 1998, God has led us from a basement Bible club ministry to a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving missions and denominational leaders worldwide. Our primary activities are:

  • facilitating large and small training events
  • facilitating new networks and local training initiatives
  • facilitating the creation of new and relevant resources for reaching and discipling kids
  • gathering and sharing important information, research, and perspective related to children’s ministry in our changing world

All in all, Kidzana is all about helping as many kids as possible get the teaching they need to follow Jesus for a lifetime by focusing on getting training to the local leaders who can have the best long-term impact on their lives.

 Our Values

            • We love following Jesus Christ with our whole hearts
            • We love children and their families
            • We love the Body of Christ around the world
            • We love creativity, innovation, and laughter
            • We love truth
            • We love growth and long-lasting impact
            • We love integrity and simple excellence

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