1for50 – Multiplying the Impact, Reaching More Kids

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1for50: How do the numbers add up?

1for50: How do the numbers add up?

There are so many kids in the world – at least 2.2 billion, and many of them have never even heard about Jesus. How can we possibly reach them all? It was in seeking an answer to this question that 1for50 was born. The goal is to train one leader for every 50 children on the planet, so every child will have someone in his or her community who can share the good news about Christ. It’s a huge goal, and, now that the 1for50 initiative has been around for a few years, it is fair to ask, “How are we doing?” Are we really growing a global team of leaders that will reach our world’s kids?

As we’ve asked this question, we have been encouraged to see how leaders in different parts of the world are using the 1for50 vision to multiply their ministry and reach more kids than ever before.

One young couple runs a ministry to reach children in one of South America’s largest slums. This slum in Brazil is home to 140,000 people, and about half of them are children. With 1for50 training, this young couple realized they could easily train their team, along with some older teens they worked with. In just a year’s time, they’ve been able to split their team and start a new outreach team. With double the leaders and double the weekly outreach events, they are multiplying the number of children who can be reached. And these teams not only lead Bible lessons and games; they also visit the families of the children they minister to, so whole families are being touched by God’s love.

Last fall in Indonesia, children’s leaders traveled from islands all over Indonesia to attend several TOT (training of trainers) events. 150 people completed the 5-day training. Now that they are equipped to train other children’s leaders, they plan to train 7,000 people in their country. And so children’s ministry is multiplying throughout the many islands of Indonesia.

A trainer in India told us, “We train people. We train leaders from different denominations, different churches. And we tell them, ‘You go, and now you’re prepared to reach 50 more teachers, and then, on your own, you reach 50 children, or maybe 500 children’ …. So we are using this tool as a double-edged sword: the leaders go and reach children and also they prepare 50 leaders.”

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