1for50 = 1 leader for every 50 kids on the planet. How does this vision spread? And how does it become a reality? Here’s how it’s happening in Indonesia:

In 2011 we met some people at a global conference in Singapore. When they heard about the vision of 1for50, they urged Kidzana to come to Indonesia and start the movement there. The Christian community is networked together and committed to ministering to children, especially children at risk.

In March 2012, a team shared the 1for50 vision with key leaders in the capital city of Jakarta. More than 100 leaders from many organizations attended. They were sold on the vision and asked that the team return later that year to do some teacher training events.

We returned in October 2012 and conducted teacher training events in 4 major cities. The response was positive, and we met with the key leadership of some of the children’s ministry networks to plan for the future. At that point, we looked at how we could use our time more strategically: If we focused on conducting Trainings of Trainers, then the local trainers could conduct teacher training events all over the country. We asked them to develop a strategic plan for the next 3 years and told them we would assist them in moving the 1for50 vision forward, coming twice a year for a month each time. In February 2013 we did a TOT in 3 of the locations we had trained at the previous year. In total, we trained almost 150 trainers who committed to train approximately 6700 people in the coming year.  The outcome hoped for is that at the end of three years, they have a strong national team and enough trainers to have influence across the nation. At that point we’ll evaluate what further collaboration is necessary.

Our most recent visit was October of this year. During the first half of the month, we were able to equip 80 trainers  over two weeks in two cities.  They have great action plans and we are trusting God to help them fulfill those plans as the 1for50 movement goes forward in this country. One of our trainers shared these stories from a third training in another part of the country:

The local committee was feeling discouraged for several reasons, so part of my role was just encouraging them.  The training went well overall … my teammate is an amazing communicator and one of the funniest men I have ever met.  Our teaching styles were so different, but we have the same passion and sensitivity to the Spirit’s guidance in the class time.  On the first day I was doing the first lesson and had a woman read aloud Matthew 18:1-14 looking at what Jesus taught about children.  She only got halfway through the passage and began to weep, hardly able to finish it. Many times in the next few lessons people were in tears as they prayed.  God was moving in powerful ways, changing hearts and inspiring people for ministry.  It went well, and God gets the glory.

We also were able to participate in a children’s prayer rally.  My teammate is the national director for the children’s prayer network across Indonesia.  It was the first event of its kind in this city, and about 150 kids showed up for the 2 hour program. The mixture of teaching, prayer, and worship really got the kids fired up.  When they asked how often the kids would like to do this again, the kids agreed that it should be monthly.  Praise God.

Thank God for what he is doing in Indonesia. We are excited to see the vision of 1for50 growing in this nation and becoming a reality. games for real money online

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