1for50 Impact: Nigeria

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A 1for50 leader in Nigeria shares this story:

“The story of the lost sheep has really impacted the lives of boys and girls in my club. The Lord has helped us to reach these young ones who are ready to carry the gospel and reach others in their community.  What a great thing to invest in the life of children. It’s a great thing the Lord has done –that we reached just few of these children, 7, and now we are having about 70+ that are in the club. These are the children that carry the gospel to others and populate the globe. This is a great thing that the Lord is doing. So we see that children can be a great tools in the mission for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, so as we reach them at this age, as we empower their life positively, they will in turn go to their various schools, homes, and be a light, and be a good example of believers. We are building a lasting work in the life of children. We are discipling them for life, and the Lord is going to keep them to be a world changer, world transformer, in the name of Jesus. They are going to transform their community, transform their world, transform their nation. And God is going to use them as an arrow to reach nations. This is a great promise of God that is coming to pass in our own eyes. And I see God enlarging this work, expanding this work, increasing this work, from glory to glory, from power to power, in Jesus’ name. Amen and amen.”

What a great reminder that God uses kids to reach other kids! Praise him for what he is doing in this Bible club in Nigeria!


In the same way, your Father in heaven does not want any of these little children to be lost.   Matthew 18:14 NCV

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