1for50 in 2013: Reaching Towards the Dream

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What if every child in every local community around the world had someone who could tell them about Jesus and help them follow him for a lifetime?

This is the dream of 1for50.  It’s a big dream.  A God-sized dream.  And we’re closer now to realizing it than ever before.

The 1for50 movement has taken off in 2013. The first ever 1for50 event in South America took place in Bogotà, Colombia this past May.  Since that initial vision casting event, 1for50 training events have taken place in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador.

Group work1for50 has exploded in Africa!  Brothers and sisters in Burkino Faso are running with the vision on their own and are regularly training new leaders.  In Cameroon, 1for50 leaders have helped churches which have been closed by the government to prepare for reaching and discipling kids in house churches.  1for50 work is also taking place in Zimbabwe, the Republic of Congo, and Nigeria.  And in just a few weeks, key leaders from 8 West African nations will gather in Togo to pray, learn, and strategize together how to implement 1for50 and change their nations one child and family at a time.

God is doing great things in Asia as well! Multiple trainings have taken place in Indonesia this year. Leaders openly wept as God showed them his heart for children; plans have been made to reach children and families in unreached communities.  In Mongolia, the Mongolian Evangelical Association has adopted 1for50 as part of their strategy to see 10% of their population knowing and following Jesus by 2020. 1for50 leaders have been equipped and empowered in Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Myanmar.  And in the Philippines leaders are on fire as they catch God’s vision for the children of their nation.

Local OutreachExcitement for 1for50 is also building in North America.  The first Zip Code Challenge event (1for50 repackaged for North America) took place in Dallas, TX a few months ago.  The North America 1for50 team is praying, researching, and listening as they prepare to launch the Zip Code Challenge movement in 2014.

God is at work!  Leaders are being trained; children are hearing about Jesus; lives are being changed.

But there is still much more to do to realize the dream of reaching every child in every community with the love and truth of Jesus.   Are you ready?  Another great year is ahead.


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